Why We Don’t Need Feminism

Feminism. The word that makes people wet their pants with fear, hide their kids and make sure nobody ever utters it. Feminism is seen as a scary social movement with crazy women, loud riots and naked people. Although I am I feminist, I have changed my wrong ways, have seen the uselessness of this movement and have compiled a list of all the reasons why we don’t need feminism.


  1. “All feminists hate men!”

Oh you’re so right. As a feminist, the mere thought of men makes me want to turn into a violent beast and rip them apart, limb-by-limb. I can never even look at a man without wanting to vomit. We all are crazy, man hating lesbians, just like you think we are. The idea that anyone would want to identify as anything other than a woman makes my skin crawl and my blood boil. I have to be restrained when I come in contact with a man, otherwise I might rip him apart like the monster I am. I can’t think of anything good about men. They are Neanderthals and barely even capable of functioning normally in our society. Due to this violent behavior of ALL feminists, we must try to stop this movement before all these poor men are unnecessarily hurt.


  1. “What about men’s rights?”

I’m so sorry; I didn’t realize that men had also been inhumanely oppressed over the ages. I guess I didn’t read up enough about how badly men have been treated and wronged. I guess your lack of rights really has stopped you from getting the word out and receiving help. I’m so sorry that you are burdened with higher pay, more lenience from the government, better jobs and an overall higher standing in society. The men’s rights movement should be in full swing, how dare people expect you to respect women? How dare they expect you to deal with all those girls that just fall all over you? Those sluts, am I right? All of them sleeping around- at least when you do that, it’s because of the loud cry for help that a men’s rights movement needs to exist. Let’s all join together to help you get those rights that haven’t been given to you.


  1. “Women already have so many rights, why keep fighting?”

I apologize. I didn’t realize unequal pay, not having the same opportunities, being slut shamed, judged, beaten and hated was having rights. I guess I don’t fully understand what that word means. The 72 years it took for women to just get the right to vote was more than enough feminism to last forever. Constantly worrying about our safety, dealing with catcalling on a daily basis, being seen as objects, all these are such wonderful things. You’re right, why should I keep fighting, at least I can vote, I should be content.


  1. “This is all just insecurity, stop being insecure.”

I’m gonna let you in on a secret, that’s not how it works. You can’t just wake up one day and not be insecure. Especially when everyone tells us we have to look a certain way. Last time I checked, I do not look like Emma Watson, Scarlett Johansson or Jennifer Lawrence. No matter how much I wish I could look like that, I literally cannot. And that is okay. But the way that women are portrayed in the media, I am told that if I don’t look like that, I’m not a “real woman.” Of course we’re insecure, all the standards of beauty are tall, skinny, white women. I can’t compete with that, nor should I feel like I have to. According to you though, I’m not considered beautiful. I’m not tall enough, skinny enough or not “curvy enough.” I guess you’re right, I must be jealous or something, we can keep giving girls unrealistic standards of beauty, that’s a great idea.


I’m not sure if you could tell, but this was all sarcasm, I’m very much a feminist and believe all these points are invalid. Now, if this list doesn’t explain why we do in fact NEED feminism, I don’t know what will. Everyone can be a feminist; you don’t have to be loud and topless to get your point across. Not all feminists are young, angry lesbians (but if you are, go you!). There are feminists of all ages, genders, sexualities, religions etc. If you have a girlfriend, sister, best friend, cousin, aunt, grandma, mother, teacher etc., you should be helping fight for their rights as a woman. Sure, I know it’s a long, hard battle, but I’m willing to fight it so the future generations can benefit from it. We need feminism because I know that when I enter the workforce, no matter how qualified I am, my male counterparts will be making more than me. We need feminism because little girls are told to only like pink and play with dolls while boys can only like blue and play with toy guns. We need feminism because women are seen as sexual objects in the media. We need feminism because beauty standards are unreachable and unrealistic. We need feminism because women can’t go out without worrying about being followed, assaulted or catcalled. We need feminism because there are groups that fight to make rape legal, thinking sex is a male privilege. We need feminism because women are criticized for wearing certain clothes; if her skirt is too short, she’s a slut, if it’s too long, she’s a prude. We need feminism because schools are banning clothes because they “distract the boys.” We need feminism because when a guy sleeps around, he’s seen as macho and a hot player, but when a girl does it, she’s a whore. We need feminism so our future generations can stand tall and proud and shout ‘I am a woman and I am proud!”


Till next time,




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