Technology Takeover

Accidents happen. Life gets in the way. For me, that happened just a few weeks ago when I accidentally dropped my phone in water. The response was immediate as I scrambled to grab it and dry it off. After placing it in rice (I’m pretty sure that is just a myth, but I didn’t want to take any chances), I sat around like a zombie, stressing out and not knowing what to do. I will admit, much to my dismay, I am slightly addicted to my phone (although my family will argue that I’m past addiction and at a much worse state). I always feel the need to check up on my social media, text my friends and see what is happening in the world around me. Just the thought of my phone potentially not working scares me. How am I supposed to keep up with my friends? How will anyone reach me? What about all my pictures, my memories? These questions float through my head constantly when I realize my phone needs to be turned off and drying for at least 24 hours.


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The sad (but also weirdly reassuring) thing is that I’m not the only one with these fears and attachments. So many people, both young and old have such a bad technology addiction. I know 7 year olds that are glued to their video games and don’t even bother with human interaction. They would rather be playing on their iPad than hang out with the other kids. Honestly, that just makes me sad. And although I want to say I’m better than that, sometimes I know I’m not. Sometimes when my family is all together, I find myself glancing at my phone every so often. Although I know it’s wrong and I want to stop, I can’t help myself. It feels like society is telling me that my worth is based off my social media likes. Yes, I know that’s not true, but sometimes I itch for that validation. I wanted to change my bad habits, go through personality dialysis and fix it. So,  I decided to stay off my phone for as long as possible. I would keep my phone on silent, away from me so I wouldn’t be tempted to look at it. My lazy self would decide it wasn’t worth walking all the way upstairs to see if I got a text (even though I never get texts). I have started to write more (shameless self promo: I’m now a writer for the Odyssey, I will be writing an article every week. So if you like my blog, you’d love that. Give it a like and a share), read more, spend more time with family. I sit outside and bask in the glory of mother nature (go outside folks, it’s incredible). I work out (I’m so pathetically weak) and play with my dog. I’ve learned to cook and try new recipes. I’m learning new languages and have been traveling. I’ve discovered new sides of my personality that I didn’t acknowledge before. Even though I still am attached to my phone, I have learned to ween myself off at least a little bit. So yay, go me!

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Our society is too reliant on technology and it’s perks. What if one day technology takes over and we have a robot-pocalypse? If a zombie apocalypse is possible, then I think a technology takeover definitely is. Just imagine it, one day while you search things on google, your computer freezes up and turns black. Obviously you’d freak out, (I mean, who wouldn’t?) and all of a sudden a weird robot face appears and the computer starts talking to you and hypnotizes you into a weird comatose like trance (think: technology zombie. Drool and all). Then all the devices of the world try to take over the planet and the only way to save the world are crime fighting aliens (who doesn’t love a good crime fighting alien?). All of this is legit and possible and I want y’all to be aware of it. Moral of the story: don’t become addicted to your phone.

I don’t know where I was going with all of this, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t sleep so I’m writing this at 2 AM. I think this was supposed to be a reflection about my bad phone habits, a self intervention perhaps? Maybe it was a sign that I need to write a book, or a movie. Or maybe I need sleep. Yeah, that’s probably it.

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On another note, I want to apologize for not updating as frequently as I wanted to. As my shameless self promo stated before, I am a writer for the Odyssey now (look mom! I made it, I’m finally kind of a real writer, not really) and since I have a weekly deadline, I’ve been focusing more on that. However, I do want to keep this blog up because it is very special to me and I need all the practice I can get when it comes to writing (future journalist??). So, I have decided to pick a prompt and answer it on here. Even if nobody except my mom (thanks for being my number one fan Amma) reads it, I will still post random things on here. All my hard hitting, society changing, controversy starting topics will be written on my Odyssey page, since I need some ‘legit’ topics for that. Maybe I will write a story here, answer a prompt, write a letter or publish photos. This is going to turn more and more into a personal diary. Which, I guess might appeal to some people. Maybe you really want to get in my head because you are a top secret spy trying to take me down. Using my blog is one way to learn my strengths and weaknesses and finally you can bring about my downfall. Possibly make me a double agent as well (with my skill level of negative 400 nobody needs me as a spy. Even though I really want to be one…). Maybe you couldn’t care less about me and my pathetic head, that’s okay too (this is probably the more likely scenario). Okay, break time, I’m rambling, I need to stop. Stop K, stop writing now (she’s talking in third person? who even does that? weirdo).

Anyway, here is the bottom line, my blog is going to get real messy real fast. If you want to stay for the ride, I commend you on your patience and bs (this is a naughty word that I will not spell out on my blog) tolerance levels. Maybe I will give you a lollipop or something. If not, thanks for reading up to here, that takes a lot of effort too (you can have a lollipop too, I guess).

Now, it is time for me to go to bed…

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Till next time,


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Okay, I didn’t need this GIF here but it’s so cute, how could I not add it?


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