Why I Write

Sometimes I get the question, ‘So K, what makes you want to write? Why do you love it so much?’ So I wanted to write something and explain why (oh the irony).

Truthfully, I’m not a very open person. I don’t like to share things about myself, I definitely don’t wear my heart on my sleeve and keep (GIANT) walls up. However, I have found that sharing parts of myself through my writing not only helps me but it helps many others around me and that’s my goal. I want to make a difference and my writing helps me do that. I want to be the voice for those who can’t speak out, are too afraid to speak out or just don’t know how to speak out. I want to move mountains with words, captivate lives and inspire the world. So, even if my writing seems dumb and silly (because sometimes it is) I hope that it intrigues at least one person out there, connects one soul to another. There is a reason I have shared my stories so openly on this blog. Some may call me brave, but honestly, this is also my way of hiding. I don’t like to talk about things, instead, I write to cope with my thoughts and feelings. There is so much about me that many may never know, but I hope that the parts I share (which are HUGE parts of me) do change a life or two. Or at the very least, force you to think a little bit more about the world around you. Understand that not everyone is truly what they say they are, everyone has something they are dealing with and everyone, I mean EVERYONE needs a friend. All 7 billion of us are going through the same things and y’all need to help each other out. Be someone’s shoulder to cry on, someone’s safe place and someone’s laughter because they need it. Don’t push it, let them come to you but make sure you’re available, keep yourself open. I’ve learned to accept and ask for help and although I didn’t have a huge support system when I hit my lowest lows, I still had some. And those few people are the ones that keep me going even today. Although some may not realize the impact they had on me, I  want them to know that they help so many people on a daily basis. I’m glad I had a small (but strong) group of people. So that’s why I write. I write to be the support system for those who, like me, didn’t have or still don’t have a huge support system. I write to prove that nobody is alone and even if we aren’t going through the exact same thing, I still understand your struggles. I write to inspire, to provoke thoughts and discussions. I write to show my support, to tell my story. I write to be brave and stay sane. I write because I love it, no, I crave it. When I write, I pour my whole being into it (and if I don’t, you can tell). When I write, all the bad in the world fades away and I am left with peace and happiness (wow, I sound like a hippie). When I write I dream bigger, hope more and inspire myself. I write because it is who I was, what I am and what I aspire to be. I write to express myself and to have a powerful voice. But, the bottom line is, I write because I love it and that’s all there is to it.

So, go out there and pursue your dreams and if you ever want/need to talk, I’m always here. 🙂


Till next time,


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