*trigger warning*

Okay. I need to rant. This was written in 20-ish mins, not proof read and on my phone. So I apologize for any mistakes, things you don’t understand and just bad writing. But if you want to read my rant, go ahead. Writing just helps me vent and get my thoughts out so that’s why I needed to get this out.
You know what makes me mad? It makes me so mad when my best friend feels like she isn’t allowed to cry about her experiences because it isn’t “big enough.” I hate that girls need to worry about safety on a daily basis and are scared to be anywhere alone. It makes me mad that almost every girl I know has been in an non consensual situation where she felt disgusting and used. I hate that even the most independent women still have fear that they can’t be alone and it takes away their independence. I hate it and it makes me so mad that rape culture is so prevalent in our society. It’s horrible and unfair that boys get away with everything. Who the hell said girls aren’t oppressed? The second some guy gets upset because he thinks he has a “right” to touch a girl because her outfit or actions means the patriarchy is still alive and well. I’m sick and tired of the jokes that say the husband should be pitied because the wife has a headache and can’t have sex. THE WIFE SHOULDN’T HAVE TO MAKE EXCUSES TO NOT HAVE SEX. If she doesn’t want it then she doesn’t give it and that’s final. That goes for anyone, stop forcing it. How dare anyone believe that just because they are in a relationship they have the right to sex? CONSENT IS KEY YOU DING DONGS. If I say no to pizza, you don’t shove it down my throat… Then why do you think it’s okay to shove yourself in a girl even after she says no!? I’m tired of dress codes that say shoulders and arms “distract boys learning.” When a teacher stops class to tells girl to change, that takes away from her learning. And if a boy is really that aroused by a freaking shoulder, he needs to go home and be taught some self restraint. Anytime a man says women are fueled by emotions and hormones that also makes me mad. Then how come for all these rape cases, men are saying things like, ” did you see her outfit? how could he control himself?” I don’t rape a guy because he’s shirtless, what makes you think a girl is “asking for it” because she’s in a skirt?! There’s no end to the judgement girls face. On one end, you’re a prude if your shirt is too high, skirt too long and heels too short. And on the other, you are a slut because your heels too high, skirt too short and shirt too low. Then where is the middle ground? Instead of teaching girls to dress, act and behave for men to succeed,why don’t you tell boys not to stare at women, teach them it’s not okay to sexual them, and nobody is asking for it unless explicitly stated. If you are sexualizing a 15 year old girl in yoga pants, you are the problem, not her. The minute you become a father and are wiping your daughter’s tears, you’ll realize that’s it’s not okay to treat women so badly. It’s probably hilarious now for you to cat call a woman on the street, grind on a girl at the club or rape someone because she’s “already a slut, what’s the big deal?” But the second your daughter/niece/sister/cousin/mom/friend or anyone goes through something like this, you won’t and can’t stand still. That girl you catcalled today? She’s someone else’s sister. That girl from the club that refused to dance with you? She’s someone’s daughter. Stop thinking you have the right to a woman’s body. Because you don’t. And that’s final.
I don’t care if I’m called a crazy feminist for saying these things but I just needed to rant. I’m sick of this happening to so many people I know and I hate not feeling safe all the time. It’s not a good feeling to worry that you don’t have your whistle or pepper spray with you. It’s not a good feeling to lose independence by asking someone to walk with you. It’s not a good feeling to constantly practice self defense out of urgent necessity. It’s not a good feeling to worry about your family, your sister that is still young. I don’t want to have to worry about all these things but I can’t help it.
Call me a crazy, angry feminist, but I’m not staying quiet. Especially when I know so many girls that have been through crap.

Till next time,

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