I’m going to Korea?!

Hey Hey Hey!

So, if you don’t know yet, in little over a week from now, I will be studying abroad in South Korea for 6 weeks! I am going to be at Korea University in Seoul, studying US/Korea politics and Korean culture. My flight to Korea is on June 23, so the countdown has begun!!

I want to try and keep y’all updated on what I am doing and try to post on my Instagram and my blog often! I’m so nervous and so excited at the same time (which is normal, right?). But, to be honest, it hasn’t even fully hit me yet. I’ll be living in a new country (by myself) for half the summer and I’ll be in a part of the world I have never been before. I get the opportunity to study a subject that i’m so passionate about in a country that is making history right now. I’m so grateful that everything worked out in my favor and I am able to study abroad in such a beautiful country and I am so excited to tell everyone all about my adventures!

Make sure to follow my Instagram and this blog to get updates on my life and this trip!

Till next time,


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