I’m angry and you should be too

Hello everyone,

This post wasn’t edited and you know what? I’m too dang angry and frustrated and upset to bother fixing any grammatical errors. So just deal with it.

It’s 3AM and I couldn’t sleep. So, I decided to do what I do best and write down everything I’m feeling right now. For those of you living under a rock (do better, stay informed), not only are we living in the age of a global pandemic, but there have been lots of protests and uproar because more black people have been MURDERED. I remember writing a post about the Black Lives Matters movement a while ago, and the fact that everything I said in that post from a few years ago is still relevant, is disgusting.

There have been multiple incidents within the last few weeks that have bubbled up and as Trevor Noah put it, have created a domino effect. Ahmaud Arbery, shot dead while jogging. Breonna Taylor, shot and killed in her own home. George Floyd, strangled by a police officer with a knee to his throat. Let that sink in. 3 lives. 3 human lives snatched away. And for what? Let me tell you, it was all in the name of white supremacy. Disgusting. Absolutely vile. After all these incidents, people got angrier and angrier and decided to take to the streets to protest. Once George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, that was the last straw. The cops who MURDERED. Let me say that again, the cops who MURDERED George were let go. They got a tap on the wrist, got fired and got be to free. It wasn’t until people started to protest and call attention to these injustices that the officer who put his knee on Floyd’s throat got charged. But you know what? That isn’t enough. There are still 3 cops who are accessories to murder that are walking away free. You know what makes this even worse? I saw a video of a cop telling a white woman he pulled over not to be scared because she wasn’t black. And I kid you not, this scumbag had the AUDACITY to tell her they only kill black people and she shouldn’t be worried for her life because she’s not black. EXCUSE ME?! I’m sorry, what the actual f*** is wrong with you?

Now, there have been riots breaking out in Minneapolis and other cities in America, and people have really been focusing a lot on the destruction of property. Now, let me say right now that all of the freedoms you have today happened because of riots. In his speech “The Other America,” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said this: “A riot is the language of the unheard. What is it that America has failed to hear?” (If you haven’t heard this speech, I urge you to watch it. MLK’s words resonate with us even today and the fact that nothing has been done is disheartening and sad.) The riots in Minneapolis have caused a lot of conflict and brought forth a lot of discussion. If you are more worried about the damage done to corporations and buildings than you are of the loss of human life, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Let that sink in. You can rebuild things that have been damaged, you can replace things that have been taken or destroyed. You cannot replace an innocent human life. I’m not saying you have to agree with the violence, that’s not the issue here, if you care more about the damage done by the riots than the damage done to the black community by the loss of human lives, then take a step back and rethink your life choices. I am not a violent person, I don’t like violence either. But when people are crying and screaming to be heard when they peacefully protest and you turn your back on them, they have to find other ways to be heard. Riots are how protestors get your attention. Take the Stonewall Riots for example. This was what kickstarted the fight for LGBTQ+ rights. These riots spanned over multiple days, filled with violent demonstrations after the LGBTQ+ community was tired of being beaten down and discriminated against. Without those riots, there might not be any rights for that community today. Now, I’m not saying they are done fighting back and that they have all the basic human rights they should, but the point is that those riots are what caught the attention of the world. Those riots brought the issues to the spotlight, and that’s what these Minneapolis riots are doing now.

Being a Minnesota native, it’s hard to see the city you love so dearly up in flames and being destroyed. But I know that the death of an innocent man in the same city is much worse, and for that reason I understand the anger and the emotions behind these protests. So I’ve been fueling that anger and trying to be as productive as I can be. I’ve donated, I’ve read up and researched what I can do to be a better ally, I’ve signed petitions, and have been trying to inform people best I can on what is happening. I know there is more I can do and I will be trying my best to do everything I can.

To be completely honest, the past two days have been rough. I’ve done all these things to be an ally but the one thing I didn’t do much was post on social media everyday. I saw all my friends posting so many different things on their story to raise awareness and I would post a few things here and there but not nearly as much as others. And it started to make me feel guilty. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough and it became overwhelming. I felt guilty for not posting on social media everyday even though I was still trying my best to be an ally. I felt guilty that I would only post once in a while even though some of my friends would post multiple times in one day. And honestly, that’s part of the reason I’m awake right now typing away instead of sleeping. I couldn’t sleep knowing what is happening to the black folx around me. All I see on social media is stuff about the riots, protests, and death of innocent black people, which is exhausting. Then I realized so quickly that even thinking that is unfair and shows my privilege. The fact that I say it’s exhausting and I need to breathe for a second before jumping back into the fray, proves how much privilege I have. Our black community is not that lucky. They can’t just ignore the issue for 20 mins to take a breather, they literally have to think about it 24/7 because they are the ones getting murdered mercilessly. So I’m sorry to my black brothers and sisters for thinking that way, even if it was for just a second. I want to say I stand with you in solidarity through it all. I might not be black but I have so much respect for you. Everything you have been through, everything you go through daily, you still come out of it stronger than ever, fighting back. The least I can do is show my solidarity and help you fight back. I am trying my best to be the best ally I can be. I am educating myself in order to educate those around me and I hope this will be a wake up call for America. It’s time things started changing. We are tired of hearing about innocent lives being taken. We are tired of the discrimination. We are tired of these sick racists getting away with everything. There’s a revolution coming and you best believe I will be pushing back against the hatred. There is a lot more to be said and more I could write, but I will end the post here for now. Stay informed, check your privilege, and do what you can to help those who need it most. Stay safe out there, keep fighting the good fight. And as always, please be kind to each other, and yourself. It’s hard enough with everything that’s going on, but we have to remember we are living through a pandemic as well. Together we can make waves, and together we shall heal.

Till next time,


2 thoughts on “I’m angry and you should be too

  1. So well said!!! I couldn’t agree more, I’m so heartbroken at what I’m hearing. I’ve just written a post on what we can all do to support the BLM movement and combat racism. It must be heartbreaking to be so close and to see your city go up in flames. I’m so sorry.

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